Welcome To The Pole Barn

Rafter Cross Cowboy Church is a unique place where real people, with real problems, can have real relationship with Christ, and serve a real God with their God given abilities and talents.  We are not your typical traditional type church,  with pretty carpet, stained glass and steeples,  but a church that is more concerned with pointing people to Jesus, and providing a place to worship without religious barriers that have pushed people away.  Come as you are and join join us for our weekly worship gathering every Sunday at 10am.

A Little Bit About What Makes Us Different

Rafter Cross Cowboy Church uses a non-traditional approach to reaching Cowboys and Cowgirls with gospel of Jesus Christ.  How do we do this?  Well, for on we worship in an open pole barn, that's right, no walls, no carpet, no stained glass, just a pole barn.  Where most churches have basketball courts,  we have a rodeo arena which we use as a powerful ministry tool to reach into the lives of the cowboy culture of our area.  If your looking for church where you can come as you are and the only finger pointing is at Jesus Christ then you may find you will like it here!

Latest Sermon

We are so glad you stopped by for our weekly Sunday Worship gathering, and our prayer is that something that is sung, or said will change your life forever, and you leave different than you came.



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